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Don't forget Lenormand Symbols by Anthony Louis (an ebook)

It doesn't teach you to read spreads but it is the best repository of traditional card meanings and it's easily navigated. I always check my interpretations by comparing them with the original meaning to see if I've gotten way off track or overlooked something. I also have my first tier meanings (the Phillipe sheet), my 2nd tier meanings - modern that have closely evolved out of the original, and 3rd tier meanings that are more literal or out-of-left-field and contradictory to the other two but occasionally useful.

I spent a couple of years following Lenormand readings on Facebook where follow ups were given. By far, the traditional readers were more accurate, with very rare exceptions that seemed to be more psychic than based on the cards.

I think every experienced reader will have evolved some of their own understanding of the cards that will conflict with others (and Rana is an example of this). However, if you always check your insights with the core meanings I find that it will keep you on track (and Rana also does this). Caitlin is generally more traditional regarding the basics, but has evolved her own meanings and techniques in the more advanced material that can get a little too complicated for my tastes.

I appreciate that given a group of traditionally trained readers you'll find that they usually will give the same answer to concrete questions and for the same reasons. Whereas given a group of so-called intuitive readers (who don't know the tradition) their answers will be all over the place with little concurrence. So whose intuition is right? Traditional readers read intuitively—they intuit which of the traditional and modern meanings are most likely and how best to integrate those meanings into a coherent and applicable response that actually answers the question asked.
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