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Originally Posted by Barleywine View Post
I have a kind of hierarchical view of the usefulness of the English-language Lenormand books I own.

Andy's is my favorite for its "roots" approach to card meanings and interpretation.

Rana's is valuable for its broader perspective on ways to use the cards.

Caitlin's I especially like for the playing-card section.

Sylvie Steinbach's book is good as a reference work, but I couldn't swallow some of her opinions (for example, she doesn't call the Grand Tableau by name, just "that tedious spread"). It's an example of Lenormand "newspeak" run amok.

I don't own the Goodwin and Katz book yet since there seem to be some mixed opinions here at AT about its value.

Other than a raft of Lenormand blog material out there, I don't know what else is available in English.
Great summary. I agree. I don't recommend the Katz/Godwin book as it is too idiosyncratic with a lot of made up stuff in an attempt to be innovative. It's not clear to a newbie which is new material and which is part of the tradition. The sample readings don't always demonstrate any of the meanings given.
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