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Originally Posted by Barleywine View Post
I've been getting tired of having to wade through the Book of Thoth every time I need insight on potential meanings for a court card in a particular situation. So I decided to boil everything down into a straight-forward table of brief terms for each card. Where Crowley's "moral characteristics" were given in "keyword" form, I recorded them verbatim; where they were more rambling and convoluted, I paraphrased them or, in extreme cases, improvised by economizing on what I think he meant. Note that I didn't attempt to modulate or sanitize Crowley's often ruthless bluntness: if he said "hopelessly stupid," that's what I captured. In addition, I attempted to incorporate his "Yi King" commentary in a way consistent with his more standard interpretations.

I'm providing this first draft here as a community service. I now have to go back through and validate everything one more time, after which I will update this post.
Thank you Barleywine, both your posts are very informative! When I am perplexed by a Court I go back to basics and build them up by their attributions. For those not in the know, I mean that the Knight, Queen and Prince are each attributed to three Minor cards plus a place in the Tree of Life. The Princess are rather more unwieldy, but can still be broken down.
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