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Thoth court cards

Hey all, don't memorize characteristics, just focus on the astrological identity.

Here's the twist - IIRC (I gave away my copy of "Thoth" to a good friend) Crowley is a little ambiguous about whether or not he gives the astrological characteristics of the preceding sign in a sense where the characteristics of that sign are part of the profile, or whether or not he's being genuinely old school by referencing the long-term shift in the heavens where the constellations themselves have shifted relative to the solstices. Both the ambiguity of this and the old-school solid thinking (as in genuinely and deeply pre-Christian) are classic Crowley.

Soo... your call - is the Leo profile straight Leo, or do you see it as late Cancer + Early mid-Leo? If you opt for the latter, which is what is literally described, you get something interesting, a "cuspy" personality. These are very real things, I married and had kids with one, and all of my strong attractions have had some of this. A cuspy personality is always a bit on the outside looking in; a late Taurus craves the intellectual freedom of Gemini, an early Gemini craves the security of Taurus, etc etc. Don't just memorize the characteristics, think about the elements and the fixed/cardinal/mutable formula behind these personalities. And keep an open mind as to whether the court cards are communicating these archetypes AS archetypes or whether or not there's a clear reference to a real-world personality with an obvious sun/rising/gender reference - if that kind of literal divination is your style. Do what thou wilt, as the man said!
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