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more on Thoth

Sorry if my above message was a bit too dismissive, but it isn't 1/33 as dismissive as ye ole Great Beast could be.

Here's the thing with "Thoth" - AC really saw it as a disguised cheat sheet of most of the core hermetic cannon, w/r/t Kaballah and the Zodiac, and, beyond that, saw himself as (imagine that) the one who could correct the perhaps intentional flaw and realize the true nature of the design (which is why he recreated Temperance/Lust in his image and tinkered with the traditional order of the Trumps). If the nature of the court cards seem like an afterthought, that's because they basically were! He thought the Minor Arcana were exactly that - relatively straightforward treatments of the zodiac and the elemental powers. His real love was obviously reserved for the correspondence of Gematria and Kabbalah with the "letters" of the Trumps.

If I knew my classical Hebrew at all, and had any real experience with the Kaballah, I'd have an opinion on whether or not his marriage of the Trumps with these systems was successful or procrustean hackwork. I don't, so I don't.

This is typical AC, on one hand, he was far ahead of Joseph Campbell and all manner of new age syncretists in terms of his genuine and deep knowledge of multiple occult traditions, on the other, he was reckless and probably psychopathic. His relationship with Lady Frieda was obviously one more of exploitation than one of creative peers, which is reflected in the generally bad art which characterizes "Thoth" in my opinion. He also seduced, mostly by correspondence, Jack Parsons around that time, thus helping warp the mind of what was probably the most talented American-born scientist of his generation (and accidentally fathering Scientology in the process, as well). Never boring!
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