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Hi folks,

While I'm not removing any posts, I should interject and remind all of the Thoth Forum Guidelines which state:

Being a controversial man, Crowley frequently attracts debate and criticism. This section of AT is intended to be a place for interested people to further study his work or explore using the many approaches to working with the Thoth deck. Debating the merits of his deck or magick does not belong in this forum, as it tends to derail efforts to actually study the material. Which after all is what this forum exists for. Debating the validity of a magical approach to tarot or similar discussions, are better suited to the general sections of AT, such as the Talking Tarot section.
The line between legitimate discussion of Crowley, his works and what the above says isn't always clear-cut, but I'm just reminding everyone should a discussion develop because of DerNarr's above post, it really should be taken over to the Talking Tarot Forum. It would also be off-topic for this thread.

Thanks all, and carry on.
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