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Tarot Magic - choosing cards for healing

I'm still unsure of this would rather belong on the UTC board...

So, I'm wondering about which cards to choose to help healing a simple illness. For better understanding: I choose cards to meditate over, no candles or rituals. Everything will simply take place in my "mind palace". (I could perform rituals there as well, if someone likes to share any)

At first I thought about altering my combination for physical strength, but that seems to fall short here. Even the slightest cold effects body and mind. So here are my thoughts:

First card, the higher principle behind the spell:

focusing on the physical aspect of healing, Strength came to my mind. But then, I thought the Star might be more apt for the task, since it is the traditional card of healing. On the other hand, the Star is much more abstract than the idea of Strength, with even the latter unifying the ideas of physical strength and fortitude.

Second card, the place where the spell should take place:

I could choose the Ace of Pentacles as card symbolizing the human body, as I would in my usual combination for physical strength. Thinking about healing in a more holistic way, my personal significator also seems to be a good idea.

Third card, the desired effect of the spell:

Now I'm a bit lost on this one. I have seen the Four Of Swords considered as a card of healing, but isn't it more a card of rest from troubles after they're over? Seven of Pentacles as card of slow and unsatisfactory progress and growth also came to my mind. But then again, it is indeed a quite negative card. I tried to think about a more positive or active card for healing, but these two seem to be the only ones I can come up with.

I'm thankful for any input or experiences here. Completely different methods or combinations are also very much appreciated! [emoji2]
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