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Originally Posted by Falcor View Post
For the first card, have you thought about the Magician? He has all the elements in his dispose, a very powerful card to use. Or maybe the Sun?

Why not to take 2, 3 or 6 of cups for the last card if we speak about holistic ways? I see those cards as positive emotions/energies which can speed up the healing. After all soul and mind are affecting each other's state and the body if to put it in a simple way.
The Magician? I think this card would be much too ambiguous... I would prefer a major that evokes the idea of healing - hence my choice of Strength or the Star. I see the Magician as a card of power and control but I don't think that an illness is only a lack of power. I very much like your idea of the Sun! It's not as mysterious as the Star, more direct, more simple joy. I can definetly see it's energy influencing healing in a positive way.

Six of cups is an interesting idea! Would align with the sun beautifully, strengthening the idea of healing as something positive and joyful.
I already thought about the Three of Cups, but it's too much of a social card in my eyes. Even more so the Two.

Thinking more closely about the 3/C, it could be a nice card here after all. Especially when taking into account the meaning of abundance.
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