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(thanks Zephyros )

That's interesting Farzon...

I would likely have the cards in reverse to you...(and with ritual I may or may not stick to
meanings, because imagery is more powerful for me, so I play more with the imagery according to the deck I've chosen) so:

1) The desired effect of the spell is healing to health.
4 of Swords for me can be recuperation and repair - particularly in The Gendron Tarot, where the convalescent is depicted as a lady apparently resting after having "a strengthening walk outdoors".
Or - I could have The Empress from The Tarot of the Night - for instance, because here - she is depicted bringing someone back to exceptionally powerful kind of healing. Lol.

(I'm not at home right now, so I can't look through my ritual decks for more possible options).

2) The place the spell takes place is within the body of the person.
I would use a Significator of some sort. For myself - the Tarot card itself would depend on which one I decide fits the bill at that specific time, and again, which deck it's from. (I don't really have a "fixed" significator that I stick to).
More likely I'll choose a photograph or object, that in my minds eye, reminds me of me - or the other person who's the target. This is my usual practice for ritualistic healing.

3) The higher principle behind the spell - Wellness and freedom on all planes.
The Sun (freedom, joy and energy)
The World (all things within reach and at optimum)
Temperance (the perfect balance).

I might get more specific with specific health issues - for example back pain:

1) 10 of Swords Reversed (i.e. no more back pain) with Ace of Swords crossing it to represent assisted removal of the health obstacle (therapist, doctor).

2) Significator

3) Strength a return to full strength.

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