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I took out all the cards with a moon on it to study the particular meaning of this symbol in this deck. It can mean so many things!

To me it seems the moon in the Wild Unknown really emphasizes the 'illusion' concept or the 'intuition' depending on the case.

For example with the High Priestess it's definitely intuition, for the Empress it's maternal instinct, for the son of pentacles it's about trusting...

And then you have the Moon card talking about illusions, the 4 of cups is about the false illusion that you have no opportunity, the 7 of cups is about fantasies...

Then you also have the 9 of wands, which can be about being towards the end of the journey and be confident that you'll succeed after going through the last obstacles/struggles.
And while most people seem to interpret the moon as the final goal and/or a positive symbol, I see it more as a warning.
Either "Beware, if you take this way (the stairs) you'll end up in the wrong place", as if this whole path is an illusion and not really a good choice. Which would be sad given that you made so much effort getting where you are now.

I can also see it as : You are at the end of the journey, you have a last bit to make, but now you're getting doubts and fears when visualizing the end of the path. (As written in the guidebook "But on this final stretch you find yourself growing weary, with doubt and fear running through your mind.")
And the advice being "If you follow your intuition, you'll be able to see if you are indeed on the good path or not and if you should be confident and sprint right up the stairs!"
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