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Originally Posted by Zephyros View Post
I've indexed this thread in the Threads on Magick and Rituals at the top of the Talking Tarot forum.
Thank you! Should we report starting a thread on Tarot Magick to you?

Originally Posted by Tanga View Post
(thanks Zephyros )

That's interesting Farzon...

I would likely have the cards in reverse to you...(and with ritual I may or may not stick to
meanings, because imagery is more powerful for me, so I play more with the imagery according to the deck I've chosen) so:

1) The desired effect of the spell is healing to health.
4 of Swords for me can be recuperation and repair - particularly in The Gendron Tarot, where the convalescent is depicted as a lady apparently resting after having "a strengthening walk outdoors".
Or - I could have The Empress from The Tarot of the Night - for instance, because here - she is depicted bringing someone back to exceptionally powerful kind of healing. Lol.

(I'm not at home right now, so I can't look through my ritual decks for more possible options).

2) The place the spell takes place is within the body of the person.
I would use a Significator of some sort. For myself - the Tarot card itself would depend on which one I decide fits the bill at that specific time, and again, which deck it's from. (I don't really have a "fixed" significator that I stick to).
More likely I'll choose a photograph or object, that in my minds eye, reminds me of me - or the other person who's the target. This is my usual practice for ritualistic healing.

3) The higher principle behind the spell - Wellness and freedom on all planes.
The Sun (freedom, joy and energy)
The Word (all things within reach and at optimum)
Temperance (the perfect balance).

I might get more specific with specific health issues - for example back pain:

1) 10 of Swords Reversed (i.e. no more back pain) with Ace of Swords crossing it to represent assisted removal of the health obstacle (therapist, doctor).

2) Significator

3) Strength a return to full strength.

Sorry that I answer that late.

I find your take to choose different cards for different ailments very helpful! Also, I didn't consider to reverse the order - in the case of healing this would be just logical I think, very much like a diagnosis.

So, this time, I ended up choosing the following:

The "place" of the spell: Four of Swords crossed by my significator. The Four of Swords seemed much more apt to describe the state of lying down south a cold than actually getting better.

The higher principle of healing: Strength. I tried to visualize different majors here and felt even at ease with The Sun or The Empress - however, I wasn't able to get the idea of physical strength of of my head, so I stuck with Strength. This might be a more subjective decision than a really logical one.
The profane principle of healing: Three of Cups. I found that the happiness and abundance expressed here describes the feelings after an illness just perfectly.

Thanks for the help, everyone! It worked out well, btw. I don't want to choke the discussion here - if anyone has more ideas on the topic!
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