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Originally Posted by Nemia View Post
I had the chance to swap the Kabbalistisches Tarot of the Tree of Life (wrap your head around that one, you non-Germans!) and although it's quite fugly, I thought it might be useful for study purposes. It has furthermore the distinction of getting only 2 points from Solandia, an achievement in itself.

What I would really like is the Hermetic Kabbalah deck. It looks a whole lot better. But it's so packed full with information that there are probably things which I can't get along with. But it seems an interesting study deck.

Does anyone of you have any experience with either deck? Good or rubbish?
Hallo Landsmann,
The first deck you linked to looks really ugly in my opinion. More like flash-cards made by someone like me rather than real tarot cards.

The second one looks nice though, but very dense with information. This may go on my wishlist.
For mere purposes of studying both look useful, but maybe a little dry.
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