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Thanks for the response Minderwiz

Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post
You're taking on a lot with this set of study notes, given that Lilly is still in progress.
In one way, yes. This reminds me of my PhD (in Math) days, when I would take more courses than my advisors thought healthy. But I got through them all, since my study habits are very efficient. I don't even work all that much per day, I'm just a steady worker and (eventually) grind through stuff.

On the other hand, no. since I'm reading (and taking notes) only for about 15 minutes each (Lilly and now Valens) per day. at lunch time, on the way to work etc, I try to think through what I read, and try to relate what I understood to the few charts (Mine + some of family and close friends) I have in my head.

I plan to work through these volumes all of next year, if not beyond, and it is all good. Astrology is my only hobby. So this is relaxing to me.

Valens wouldn't know what you meant by a sidereal zodiac, or a tropical one, for that matter - the zodiac he worked with was virtually indistinguishable from either the modern tropical zodiac or a sidereal zodiac (though the fairly large numbers of ayanamsas, would have introduced a degree or so difference). There was only one zodiac in which the equinoxes occurred in March and September and the Solstices in June and December and the constellation of Aries resided in the sign of Aries.
This is very good to know, thank you. I think the one degree error of differing ayanamsas can be finessed.

As you get into the work you will find that Valens actually gives a very large number of charts. Unlike Lilly he just gives the planetary positions by sign and the Ascendant position, the latter allowing you to reconstruct the chart because with Whole Signs, the Ascending sign is the first house. Mostly he doesn't even give a date and time. You have the chart and you can use it to follow his point.
This is *really* good to know too. I can just use his description to fill up some circular chart blanks, and examine those on my bus trips etc!

That thread was my first attempt to make sense of what I was reading and learning and certainly is wobbly in the early parts.
It still worked, in that I got the 'big picture' especially by the time you got to delineating Liefa(spelling)'s chart. so all good, I love this forum. Hopefully my notes will be useful to someone else someday, warts and all.

ZR from Spirit is perhaps more widely used than ZR from Fortune. The reason being that the Lot of Fortune is concerned with what fate deals you. How you are affected by the environment and external forces. It became more used to look at health and well being, as issues related to those greatly influences the success or otherwise of your life.

The Lot of Spirit shows how you are able to influence the world around you. How your own efforts can change your life. For that reason it has relevance to your Career and your attainment of social position.
hmm those do resonate somewhat with the nature of the Sun and the Moon, so I think I understand what you are saying. Both events I examined had more of the nature of 'fate' than 'effort', so I think it turned out well.
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