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Sme confusing language in Valens Vol 1

20. Transits.
The Sun: the second, the sixth, and the twelfth are good; the seventh and the fourth are rotten.
The Moon: the third, the eighth, and the ninth are rotten; the fifth, the
eleventh, and the twelfth are good


What is the starting point of these ? the whole sign house containing the ascendant? Or the sign in which the respective planet is located in the horoscope?

e.g: in my chart, the ascendant lies in Gemini, and the Sun in Sagittarius.

Does "(the Sun transiting) the seventh and fourth are rotten", mean that i have a bad time when the Sun is transiting through Virgo and Sagittarius (counting Gemini as 1,) or when the Sun is transiting through Pisces and Gemini (counting Sagittarius as 1)?

Thanks in advance.
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