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so, after restarting my Lilly studies

I restarted Valens too.

I just finished working through (and making notes on) the planetary significations (which are *much* better than in most modern books), and also the signs. These are a little more weird and have many indecipherable (to me at least) bits like

"This sign is calm, Its first 3 are worthless and destructive; from 3 to 7 it is
well-watered; good weather from 7 to 15. The southern parts are wellwatered. The last degrees are a combination of traits."

I am not sure what any of these means, or how it is useful in interpretation.
But, ok, I'll just move on.

Descriptions for (people born under) every term of every sign follows (whoa).

e.g: "The first 6 of Gemini belong to Mercury: temperate, with fine weather,
intelligent, versatile, skilled, active, poetic, prolific.

The next 6 belong to
Jupiter: competitive, temperate, with fine weather, prolific, luxuriant,

The third term, 5, belongs to Venus: blossoming, artistic,
addicted to plays and mimes, poetic, a contest winner, popular, cheerful,

The fourth term, 7 belong to Mars: much-burdened, with no
brothers, having few children, a wanderer, with a good income, destructive,
bloody, inquisitive.

The last 6 belong to Saturn: temperate, a procurator,
having possessions, intellectual, with a wide knowledge, distinguished, noted
for intelligence, an arranger of great matters, most famous."

I assume Valens means that people with their ascendants in these terms show these characteristics.

I have to say I've never seen such 'term descripitons' before, but I'm not sure what to do with this information. Memorizing would take too long. Make short notes? Hopefully future chapters/book will teach how to *use* this information.
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