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First off, the first two cards of the deck (I'm using Ciro's Kipper right now) are called "Main Male" and "Main Female". These two cards are pretty self-explanatory so I'll start with card 3. It's called "Marriage".

In the little book that comes with this deck, there are many meanings for this card that I wouldn't have thought of. There are also a couple of card combinations mentioned, but I'm going to refrain from giving those because it wouldn't be fair to Ciro---those need to be his meanings and combinations and to get them, buy his Kipper. You'll be thrilled that you did.

Anyway, some thoughts of mine are similar to his but I thought of them before reading the little book, so we have them in common. At this point I've only had time to just skim the book anyway. But on with the study---

The Marriage card can mean any kind of union of people, ideas, personalities, or collaborations as well as actual marriage. The cards surrounding the Marriage card will reveal whether this is a positive union or one with problems. A marriage is a legal contract, so there are spreads where surrounding cards will be indicating that what you're considering or are involved in is positive and healthy or not.

I also have the Mystiches Kipper so I'll follow along with that one if there are differences between the two decks. Cards 1 and 2 in that deck are titled "Main Person" and "Main Person" rather than indicating gender like Ciro's deck, so that's a small difference in the two decks.

Card 3 in the MK is titled "Marriage Card" which is not much of a difference really.

My reason for comparing the titles of the cards in both decks is so that differences can be noted. Ciro's Kipper has some slightly different titles for some of the cards plus he's added 3 extra cards to the Fin de Sicle and I think comparison will be good.

I hope others will chime in here. Feel free to comment and add your insights.
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