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It is a Morinian thing

I read through Morin's Book 21 sometime before, and this stuck with me. Lilly and co don't use this idea afaik.

Frankly, I think all of us have different modes of processing a chart. I wouldn't worry about it. In any case I'm probably wrong, since I'm just a beginner.

What matters is accuracy of prediction. Time will prove one or both of us right, or wrong, and then we can use that feedback to refine technique.

I didn't pick up the 'other woman' in the chart at all, probably because I didn't look for it, or even consider it and tried to stick to the very basics ( which is all I know) . I don't have much faith in my abilities as an horary astrologer, just thought I'd give it a shot is all.

I hope it works out well for Page of Swords, but this chart isn't very encouraging. Still there is a mutual reception by face, and also a collection of light, so it just might work out.
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