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Originally Posted by RohanMenon View Post
I spent about 5 minutes on the chart. and the web diagram isn't of a very good quality and my eyesight is not what it used to be in my youth lol.

If both are cadent, then in my reading that worsens the chances of a positive outcome.
Its ok lol.....just wasn't sure if you'd changed the house system to your liking....which could then have changed the houses the planets were in.....but i only use regiomontanus for horary.

Having both in cadent id see this as them both not making any move towards each other (just yet)....he could be the one who could change his mind and instigate action first, as he's in a cadent sign also, and she is in fixed.

Also both in fire signs so there seems to be some anger still between each other.
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