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See this table of the Ptolemian dignities

Moon at 8 Leo is in Saturn's face, and Saturn at 16 Sagittarius is in the Moon's face.

note: these are ***Ptolemian*** dignities, though afaik the faces/decans work even when you use Chaldean decans.

I'm trying to use those to learn horary (since those are what Lilly uses). In my normal practice I use Egyptian terms and also a sidereal zodiac and Placidus houses, which would give a completely different chart.

In any case

Leo has the first face/decan 0 to 10 degrees, ruled by Saturn. So the Moon's ( 8 degrees Leo) face ruler is Saturn.

and Sagittarius has the second decan 10-20 degrees ruled by the Moon. So Saturn (at 16 Sagittarius) has the Moon as face/decan ruler.

So there is a mutual reception by face/decan. That said decan/face is the weakest possible mutual reception. So there's that. But this is enough for the Moon and Saturn to have a shred of essential dignity and so are not peregrine.
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