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I don't think faces are calculated that way

The decan lord of a planet is determined by looking at what sign and degree the planet *actually occupies* in the chart, and no manipulation is necessary.

e.g in this chart. The Moon is in 8 degrees Leo. This means it is in the first (of three) decan of Leo. The lord of this decan/face (the first decan/face of Leo) is always Saturn.

Likewise Saturn, in this chart, is physically located at 16 Sagittarius. If you look at the sky at this point in time, that is where he'll be. Since each decan/face is 10 degrees, Saturn is in the second decan of Sagittarius (10 to 20 Sag). The decan lord of the second decan of Sagittarius is always the Moon, no matter where the Moon is in the chart.

The decans are 10 degree divisions of *signs*, and their lords are fixed. any planet in any given decan always has the same lord. One doesn't change the degrees of the planet first, at least for dignity calculations.

I am not sure if you are doing some advanced astrological technique, in which case I have to plead ignorance.
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