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Originally Posted by RohanMenon View Post
Page of Swords get the 1st House, Her love interest gets the 7th
The 1st is ruled by the Moon, the Seventh by Saturn

Looking at dignities, neither planet has high dignity, but there is a mutual reception by (Ptolemaic) decan. I'd interpret this as an interest in and awareness of each other, but a weak one. The Moon is in a succedent house, and Saturn s cadent, so I'd imagine the person of interest is somehow hidden/not very visible or accessible, to PageOfSwords, who has some power in how the situation develops.

There is no aspect between the significators.
There is no translation of light.

However both significators do aspect Mercury, thus forming a "Collection of Light" scenario. Mercury rules the third {EDIT: no the 5th) and 12th houses, so there is probably a young person (a sibling?) or a child, an artist or someone like that who helps bring both parties closer together.

Looking at the aspects formed by the Moon, the aspect just before the chart was cast is an opposition to Mars, so I'd think there was some kind of minor conflict or break, and the aspect to be perfected immediately after the chart was cast is to Mercury, which would seem to (again) indicate a young person who is a 'go between' or binding them together.

So to conclude, I'd say yes there is the *possibility* of a romance blossoming, but it is quite embryonic (reinforced by the early degree rising), and very fragile, and a person with the characteristics of Mercury, known to both people, will help bring the matter to fruition (subject to the 'too early' and mercurial-back-and-forth nature).

So to answer the question yes PoS's lover has some feelings for her, but this is very weak, not necessarily romantic, and if it becomes stronger, will do so after much to and fro ing..

and that is my analysis. As I mentioned earlier, I am very much a newbie and have just barely started learning horary, So take all this with mountains of salt.
Thank you for your input. So at this point in time he is hidden as I've blocked him after him distancing himself. I'm tired of the back and forth nature of things and it's become stressful. This young person that's a go between maybe my friend as she insists on working things out between us. I'm not sure if she is in contact with him though.

I asked his feelings because he recently told me he was in love with me and thought of me often. But then like you said there was a minor conflict as he thought I was sending mixed signAls so the communication stopped. I could see a romance blossoming also but like you said ALOT of to and fro and I'm not sure it's completely worth it.

In sharlas reading she said she sees another woman do you see one also ?
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