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Originally Posted by Sharla View Post
The reason why i picked up someone saturn is ruled by jupiter and jupiter is in the 5th house ruled by mercury yes, but mercury is also in the 6th house as saturn ( so he's not alone)....but jupiter is in the sign of libra, ruler being venus in the 7th house.

Also yes libra is intercepted here just like looks like the 7th and 12th houses are linked here because of this. So if i go by your theory, then venus and mercury are the rulers of both 12th and 5th houses......with mercury being with saturn and venus being placed in the 7th.....looks to me like a hidden "other woman" this guy has around him.

Infact gemini and libra being double signs and also sagittarius....then there could be more than one.
He probably is dating around as he is single. I thought there maybe something serious in the works
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