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love Kippers! (whispers) I think I like them better than Lenormand for some reason but they haven't taken off in the same way. A lot of the literature about them is in the original German which I can't read at all. It's interesting there hasn't been elaborate stories about Mrs Kipper that there are about Mlle. Lenormand.

My first was the Mystical Kipper and I really love the artwork of it, in fact now I want the Lenormand of the same brand and artist! I have seen on AT once that someone combined the Mystical Kipper and Mystical Lenormand and the cards are the same size!

Then I got Ciro's Kipper and I like the differences between the two decks, they both work well. I don't own any of the older German version cards. I always get good readings from Kippers, if just one card on a thread here or a few cards in combination! They always are quite accurate
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