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Good to know this info!

We recently learned something Anyone who ships product outside the US may want to benefit from something we learned: don't use FedEx for international shipping. Use the USPS Global Pack. For some reason, and we don't know why, it's the best way to ship internationally. The down side is that, unlike FedEx. you cannot track your package. But, we have never lost a package and our customers are thrilled by how quickly they receive it.

Also....Canada is a special case, because we have had a ton of problems by having our packages held up in customs, and it was a given when we used FedEx, but not when we used the Global Pack.

So....for domestic orders, we use FedEx Ground, and for international orders, we use the Global Pack, and it seems to be the ideal way to go.

So glad you guys are pleased with your decks.

Mindy Sommers
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