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Originally Posted by peapodgrrl
Good to know this info!

We recently learned something Anyone who ships product outside the US may want to benefit from something we learned: don't use FedEx for international shipping. Use the USPS Global Pack. For some reason, and we don't know why, it's the best way to ship internationally. The down side is that, unlike FedEx. you cannot track your package. But, we have never lost a package and our customers are thrilled by how quickly they receive it.

Also....Canada is a special case, because we have had a ton of problems by having our packages held up in customs, and it was a given when we used FedEx, but not when we used the Global Pack.

So....for domestic orders, we use FedEx Ground, and for international orders, we use the Global Pack, and it seems to be the ideal way to go.

So glad you guys are pleased with your decks.

Mindy Sommers
Dreaming in Color
Hi Mindy,

I was the one in Canada, ordered my Dreaming in Color deck April 4th, and it came April 7th. LOL

First I want to say that your deck is stunning. It really is beautiful. I have been busy showing it to everyone I know and doing a pretty good job of talking everyone into wanting it. Just very excited about it. LOL

The images are amazing, and although I thought they looked simple when I first saw them on your site (but still very beautiful), there is just such depth of meaning in each card.

I did my first reading today with them, it gave me a lot of seriously useful info. :-) It is one of my favourite decks already.

Just wanted to add in something, as I believe you asked for our comments once and I thought you would want to know. Some of the cards "stuck".

When I first opened the deck to look through all the cards two were literally stuck together at the top and bottom slightly. When I pulled them apart I lost some of the ink at the top and bottom of the card stuck behind the other. Luckily it was the Anger card, and the image was so dark at the bottom, that I lightly ran some black marker over the missing ink and it doesn't show now. But I thought you would like to know. On a lighter card it would have been harder to fix. That and in the cutting process some of the ink is slighly missing around the edges of the backs of the cards.

That being said, I still adore the deck and would not trade it for anything. Just thought you might like to know for future reference.:-)


PS, strangely as is often the way in Tarot, LOL I was having a big conversation with someone about the Anger card right before I opened my deck to check it out for the first time. That was the only card we had discussed and in the end it was the one that distinguished itself by "losing its ink". I am taking it was one of those signs from the universe that this card has something to teach me that I need to know and I will do some meditations on it later. :-)

But I still thought you would want to know.:-)
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