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Originally Posted by zhadee View Post

from the german wikipedia. The original Kipper cards look like they were located in bavaria (the church towers). There is not much known about Susanne Kipper.

I have both editions, the original and the mystic one. Looking forward to any kind of exchange
Oh, I see one yes, in Card #9. From what I'm reading, onion domes were mostly used for Catholic churches in Bavaria (in Russia, of course, they'd be Russian Orthodox). I don't know if that can shed anything on the history, or if it's just what the original artist saw when she went to draw that card.

Originally Posted by danieljuk View Post
I saw on a historic decks website a few weeks ago that they had a copy of a historic deck which is quite famous in it's Kipper images ('the original' deck). But during the Nazi era they were burning any form of divination (I never even thought about that till now but it seems so sadly obvious that it would happen!) and nearly all Kipper decks were destroyed! this historic deck they were talking about still had a Deutsches Reich Tax Stamp on the box and very luckily survived!
I found that page, here. How lucky that some survived. The burning is disquieting, given the current political environment and the way history seems bent on repeating itself... *shudder*

I wish the new "original" decks had the more delicate drawings and colors of the antique one on that page. I love the images of the Mystical but I want to learn on the original. I read that reading these cards depends a lot on the direction a figure is facing, so I'm going to stick with tradition for now.

Originally Posted by WolfyJames View Post
Of what I read somewhere Ms Kipper learned the Lenormand and tried using in Germany, but that was after Napoleon did his wars and messed up with Germany, and its territory, so the Germans were quite sensitive with anything "French" so she created her own oracle with german scenics and titles.
That's intriguing! The Napoleonic Wars were several decades earlier... but I can see how sentiment would linger. Isn't the Lenormand system very popular in Germany now? They must have gotten past it, then.
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