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How to interpret Lot of Fortune placement

(ref: Valens book 2 material)

One of my friends has this natal config

ASC Taurus
Lord of Ascendant Venus in 10th Aquarius
Lot of Fortune in Aries (natal 12th)
Mars in Pisces (natal 11th)

again, i am not trying to get an accurate reading, (that would need the whole chart) or go very deep, just trying to integrate two view points

1. Starting with the sign containing the ascendant as the first place, The Lot of Fortune is in the 12th which Valens tags as a very bleak placement (Minderwiz elucidates this in some detail a few posts above). (This is true for my friend.He has a *very* hard life, with lots of bad luck and "you are your own worst enemy" dynamics). The Lord of the LoF is in the 11th.

So question 1: I'm not sure how to integrate this placement (of the Lord,11th) with that of the Lot(12th)


2. Starting the count from the place of the Lot of Fortune is, the Lord of the Lot of Fortune Mars is in the 12th (from LoF).

By Minderwiz's (excellent) explanation of the interpretation of the places starting from the Lot (a couple of posts above) the 12th place from the Lord would be interpreted as the role Fortune place in natal 12th house affairs - imprisonment, secret enemies and so on. In other words, this would be an extra layer of meaning, focusing on the role of fortune about *natal 12th house*.

My question is
The natal 12th situation is pretty bleak (with LoF in the natal 12th). How does Lord of the LoF (Mars) in the 12th *from the LoF* add to this meaning? any reasonable interpretation will do. I"m just looking for a concrete example of meshing the two views (starting from the ascendant and LoF)
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