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Aha! Eminence as a 'frame' makes a *lot* (no pun) of sense

Valens is using this approach to identify the really high flyers of society. So yes, he is concerned not with how near average you are, but whether you make the top 1, 5, or 10 percent.
This, as one of the first things to look for, explains much about how the aphorisms work. "will build cities, will raze them, be a king, etc etc". Hmm I wonder if this makes sense for the 'normal' horoscopes we encounter in the modern world, especially when doing non mundane astrology.

Yes it does make sense. Even if we don't encounter any "1 % " horoscopes, it makes sense to judge how much impact the native makes on the world. Most will be solidly in the 'middle' or even 'bottom' range, but that's fine. It is still a very important thing to look for.

Valens would probably insist that the pay more attention to the Lot of Fortune and how everything else relates to it.
This has almost completely dropped out of modern astrology hasn't it. Even displaying the LoF is an option that has to be actively switched on in astrology software, and I haven't yet seen any astrologers (even the Hellenistic ones) pay as much attention to the Lots as Valens seems to recommend.

Some astrologers do give them *some* attention, but I doubt they do as thorough a job as Valens recommends. (though I also have to say, as can be seen in my post above, I haven't yet mastered how to integrate the results when reading from both ascendant and LoF)

I use the word calculation because the meaning of eminence isn't topical; it's a characteristic of life as a whole. One might argue that with the signature of eminence in the chart, that eminence will show one way or another, depending on the winds of Fate.
*Very* Interesting. I would never have thought of this. This makes a lot of sense.

Thank You Minderwiz, you have given me much food for thought.
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