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Section 21: The Lot of Fortune and Daimon: Their influence on prosperity and Outcome

Many parts of this section are unclear. I'll mark them as I work through this section sentence by sentence.

Lot of Fortune and Daimon have great influence on undertakings and their outcomes
So far so good.

The former gives information about matters concerning the body and concerning the work of hands

It does?!
I thought the LoF was about Fortune/Luck. OK 'body' I can conceive of, since if the place of LoF is considered the first place, it talks about the impact of fortune/luck/things that happen to you on the body etc.

What is "the work of hands?"

Daimon and its ruler give information about spiritual and intellectual matters ...

Hmm. ok. I thought the Daimon was about the impact one has on the world via one's own actions (vs the World acting on you via LoF). Ok but we can go with spirit and intellect too (the body being governed by Lot of Fortune).

So would taking Daimon's place as first tell us about our own efforts, as it affects (natal) 1st place matters? Or does it talk about our spirit + intellect? Confused .

... and about the activities of giving and receiving
huh? What are *these*? Giving and receiving charity?

It will be necessary to examine the places and the signs in which their house rulers are located and to correlate their natures, in order to learn the type of activity and fortune and the quality of activity [to be expected].
I think this mean "examine signs and places where the rulers of both Lots are in" Is the idea to find a type of activity the native can perform to manifest the potential of his Lot of Spirit?

Let me try with a concrete example.

In my horoscope, for example, Mars (ruler of Fortune) is in Pisces (sign) in the (natal) 10th(place), and Sun (ruler of Daimon) is in Sagittarius (sign) in the natal 7th (place). So both are in fire signs and angular (and so both aspect the first place ) . I wonder if the Lot of Fortune should be the starting point? A little confusing. I chose the ascendant because it would apply 'equally' to both lots (Fortune and Spirit)

A skilled astrologer can probably interpret this properly, but I'd say that both lot Lords are reasonably strongly placed in my chart (angular) and also fiery in nature. The Lot of Daimon (Sun in Sag with Jupiter also in Sag) is stronger. So I probably need to focus more on effort than fortune, and that in a very 'cardinal' manner, taking the initiative to drive things forward and pouring energy into these activities. Something like that.

Nativities will be considered glorious, distinguished, and vigorous if they are from the Sun and Moon, and if benefics are in conjunction or incline to these places or house rulers.
I interpret this as saying that if the Lords of the Lots are either of the Lights, the native will be distinguished etc...

The nativities from Saturn and Mars are mediocre, inglorious, ruined, or adverse.
ok, to make this concrete. again using my horoscope (diurnal Gemini rising). The lot of Fortune is in Aries, with Mars in Pisces. The Lot of Daimon is in Leo with the Sun in Sagittarius. So the Lot of Daimon indicates some possibility of excellence, and the Lot of Fortune, mediocrity.

It is best to find the ruler of Daimon at the Lot of Fortune or at its 10th Place (=Midheaven).

If so,...
i.e if the Ruler of Daimon is in the same place as the Lot of Fortune or its 10th, i.e the 10th, counting from the Lot of Fortune,

....then the nativities are illustrious and distinguished.
This makes sense. I interpret the Lot of Daimon in the 10th from the Lot of Fortune as saying that the native's efforts fully manifest (since in the 10th from LoF) what Fortune brings him.

If it is in its proper place or at another angle,...
I assume the "it" refers to the Lot of Daimon

so the sentence can be interpreted as " if the Lot of Daimon is angular *with reference to the Lot of Fortune* or at least not in 2,6,8,12 as measured from the Lot of Fortune then.."

... the nativities will be as distinguished and vigorous as they can be under the circumstances. If it is turned away from its proper place,
I think this talks about Lot of Daimon being inconjunct to Lot of Fortune, so in 2,6,8, 12 from LOF

or just precedes an angle,
i.e Lot of Daimon is cadent (3,6,9,12) with respect to Lot of Fortune.

or(if the Lot of Daimon) has malefics in aspect, it indicates exile and distress abroad. If it is in conjunction with a benefic or has benefics in aspect, the native will live abroad for a long time, having a varied and fluctuating livelihood.
This is clear (though a bit extreme. many people will have the Lot of Spirit in these 4 places!) and so is

If it (the Lot of Daimon) has a malefic in aspect, the native will become needy, destitute, experiencing trials and imprisonment

Likewise if [the ruler of the Lot (of Fortune?) or of Daimon] is in opposition to this place,
ok "this place" is a little confusing, but I **think** it means the place of the Lot of the Daimon. (Could it mean the Lot of Fortune's place?) So it means "if either the Ruler of Fortune or the Ruler of Spirit opposes the place of Lot of Spirit, then ..."

Quote: indicates men who reside abroad and become distressed. Often the goods of such men are not inherited by their own families, but by strangers.
Ha! Not good at all. I looked through my small collection of horoscopes and no one has this combination.
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