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". . . such changes merely upset a meaningless convention. It is therefore the blow of a sword in the water."

Funny, before I read this quote, I was thinking to myself that, after living with the Tree for almost 45 years, I don't often approach it as an intellectual construct any more, it just sort of . . . "is." I use the concepts but don't contemplate the formal structure all that minutely. The quote seems to put its finger on the reason. As I read it, Crowley is saying that, since the conventional alignment of the Major Arcana to the Tree is itself a "meaningless convention," trying to tinker with it is a comparably meaningless endeavor.

It's been over 40 years since I last read QBL, but I don't recall being taken with Achad's logic at the time. Of course, I may have just been soured by William Gray's similar attempt to reconstitute the alignment in The Talking Tree. I thought The Ladder of Lights was worthwhile, but Gray lost me with "T.T.T"
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