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Sorry, folks I'm three years late to the party here, but just new.

This card is a bird, and I suddenly wondered -- what is its relationship to the chick in the Fool card? Is this the same bird? Is this the Fool?

And then I thought about how Death in the Tarot is about transformation, and how Death cycles around again and again and again for all of us--we have to be willing to die to our life, and give it up, and let it transform into something new (sometimes something almost unrecognizable) over and over and over again as we go through the Fool's journey. And I wondered if this had some connection with the little chick giving it up and letting itself be radically transformed--maybe several times in the process of its journey.

This quote came to my mind:
"Vitam impendere vero"
(To stake one's life for the truth - Juvenal). So brave, a little tiny chick staking its life for the truth.
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