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I understand that in Valens' time there was a cult of a daimon called Zeus Ktesios, because of his link to Zeus, he was associated with the eleventh place. He was often adopted as a household daimon and one of his functions (gifts?) was to help the family ensure that there were sufficient provisions and that they would not go hungry. There's a link to the acquisition of those provsions from that daimon, and that might be part of the derivation of Valens' meaning for the place.

You should also be aware that Fortune and Spirit (Tuche and Daimon) are inextricably linked. Indeed they are opposite sides the same coin - almost literally as their calculations involve the difference between the positions of Sun and Moon in the chart, projected from the Ascendant (but in opposite directions). Just harking back to the point about Spirit's position relative to Fortune; If someone is born at a New Moon (or very close to it), they have both Lots in their first house. A position of strength. At Full Moon they have both Lots in the Descendant.

Valens also sees Spirit taking on the role of Fortune if that Lot and it's ruler are so poorly situated as to be useless. The native will find a way to make something of his or her life, even if it isn't particularly good.
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