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ok 3 cards:

-- i don't know quite what i am doing but here are 3 cards!

i will learn later. drawing now.

dec 29 new moon
J - K - 8

a cradle - a bank - pillow talk

hmm. this looks very interesting. idea. i have a wish that these cards mean something but not an inkling.

i will be in bed exchanging pillow talk with someone i have renewed a relationship with and into whom i have invested my feelings for a long, long time?

dec 30 2016: coming home or, perhaps better said, moving away from extreme unrelenting stress. seeking advice from people around me. heart to hearts? my bed is not very comfortable.

cradle love. adult love. romantic partnerships. lifelong friendships. business dealings.

public tarot readings. giving advice. one on ones. people quietly revealing secrets. new turns. a new beginning -- in the cradle again.
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