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Originally Posted by CosmicBeing View Post
December 22 - 28th 2016

Shield Jumped out so I am not sure where it will stand.
Shield- You need to defend yourself
Ear- Good news
Key- Successful outcome to your problems
Lion- Time to act
Bird Flying- News is on the way
Broken Wishbone- Wish will not be granted
Unicorn- Use your intuition to make beneficial changes
Heart- Love, deep affection, and caring.

Well stressful day.
Shield might be me having to defend against myself with enemies or naysayers.
Ear- may be news, but not sure how it is good news.
Key- Not sure what this may be... I am planning on seeing a doctor tomorrow as well as I am planning this week to take certain exams.
Lion- Time to act...might be me requiring to hire a lawyer.
Bird Flying- Hire a lawyer to write a letter informing the landlords of my issue and me not seeing it as a place to live with plans of moving out in 2 months.
broken Wishbone- Not sure what this is. Maybe it will be me telling them that I will not adhere to their wishes or that the wishes I have/that the lawyer writes is not respected.
or I won't be able to get an appointment
or maybe I am rejected
or I can't get a copy of my lease
or I won't be able to fulfill someone's wish.
Unicorn- Something Unique
Heart- I agree with it.

Shield - maybe an actual shield, a person who works on the defense of the client, door, etc.
Ear- an actual ear, hearing something
Key- An actual key or a solution.
Lion- I really have no literal meaning idea unless I actually see a lion.
Bird flying- no literal translation unless I actually see a bird flying, but what is the likelihood.
Broken Wishbone- no literal meaning I thought of.
Unicorn- An actual unicorn
Heart- An actual heart, something to do with cardiology, Something red.

Broken wishbone-unicorn-heart
Maybe my intuition is wrong about something close to my heart.


Bird flying + broken wishbone indicates news of a wish the is not fulfilled/given.

December 22
Well Shield: Need to defend self.
Today I went to the doctors and she order a repeat of blood tests from last year to make sure the test are still healthy/at a good status. Anyway, My mother came with me and I had to defend myself as to why I was getting the blood tests I was getting because some of them had to deal with certain diseases my mother thought I would never have. Well I was very very ill last year, so they just are redoing all the tests to make sure they are still not showing any major issue.
Ugh...why do I bring my family with me to the doctor's?

December 23
Nothing happened today except getting ill. I also got my phone case in the mail... so maybe Ear is referring to a phone. Idk.

December 24
I saved 130 on undergarments. So I was able to get some new bras and underwear because I had to throw out so much.

Might be me taking advantage of the sales (but we'll see.)

December 26/27
Lion+bird flying+wishbone broken
Well my family went to the casino last night...I kept getting the number 2 and so didn't win any money. Wish not granted.
Well we'll see what the rest of this week reading looks like.

December 28
My astrologer told me I would run into someone from my past. Anyway... ran into a guy that I went on maybe 3 dates with like 4 years ago.
Well this is my week forecast with daily update.
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