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Daily Draw Dec. 29

I have an interesting trio of cards for today which is very uncharacteristic of my uninteresting life lol ...

Chair - Filled (Someone new is entering your life)
Claw (Do not take risks)
Spear (Heartache over what you no longer have)

I have no damn clue who this "new person" could be. I pulled an extra card to find out who, and I got "Rat (Someone working against you behind your back). Well, at least I know that whoever comes into my life is a rat!

This might be a stretch, but the guy who had a crush on me might be visiting me? Just a thought. Claw. Well the only thing I can thing of here are my finances, but I'm not planning on making any risky purchases so we shall see...

Spear? Gosh, every once in a while I reminisce about the past about ex love interests, but never heartache. We'll see!

If I read this as a combo, maybe a new person in my life (maybe even an AT member) warns me not to take a risk on a former love interest? God who knows.
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