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Originally Posted by Padma View Post
I have all three decks as well, and also prefer the Mystical. It's quirky, so that suits me They all read well, though, and so far, all accurate. I have yet to do a GT - last one I did with the Kipper was last March. I'll have to try it again. I did learn them to an extent, last year, but then had put them aside for the Lennies again (I keep going back to those). So I will apply myself a bit more with the Kippers.
Hi Padma! I agree that I find all the Kipperdecks equally accurate, and that I love both Lenormand and Kipper (Im very new to Lenormand too), but Kippercards are a little more new to me. I find them of course very new to read, but this last GT sort of opened a door.
I mean to study them this year too, and I hope to get better with them.
Welcome here on the Kipper threads.
Love and Light, Genna
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