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I have both of Ciro's decks Gilded Reverie and the Kipper. I also purchased the Gilded Reverie reading cloth from Ciro, and have read using the Kipper cards on the Gilded Reverie cloth (using the cloth to determine houses to slightly flavour the Kipper card meaning). It works well. I see no reason why you couldn't just lay one deck down as the reading cloth, so to speak (actually I think I read somewhere, or watched a Youtube (maybe Not Fortune's Fool) of this.

I also want to purchase the Kipper Reading cloth but live in Australia and the dollar's not so hot at the moment. So, I might wait for a bit.

In the meantime, I was thinking that I could create a graphic in Photoshop or Illustrator and place the Kipper cards in grand tableau house order. Then, I could use the graphic as a background in Orphalese and then I could manually deal out either deck on top. Though, maybe I should just set the grand tableau up as the spread (so I can put the house notes in the position notes field)...hmm....thinking, thinking. Maybe I'll do both.
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