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Originally Posted by Barleywine View Post
I use Laura Tuan's large Lenormand Oracle for GT houses because the card numbers stick out over the upper edge of any smaller cards I place on top (I still haven't memorized all of the house positions). Since it seems the Fin de Siecle Kipper cards are the same size as the Gilded Reverie, the same approach should work if I combine the decks for reading in some way. I intend to create a spread cloth with large house "fields" since the one's I've seen on sale won't meet my need. The main disadvantage of using cards for houses is you have to lay them out every time, so I've been thinking of creating a board with plastic pockets that I could slip the larger cards into and just leave them there, since I don't use them for reading. When I travel I can just switch back to the other way.
That sounds like a cool, marketing idea for you Barleywine. (A cloth would roll/fold easier though.) Why don't you just use Orphalese and take a laptop with you instead? How about a magnetic board? I saw another guy on YouTube doing that. I think it was good for him, because he could put the board upright for filming. He may have even used a whiteboard.

Your reading chart, kind of reminds me of what I did, many years ago, when I first learnt to read with Le Normand, I created a giant spreadsheet with 36 rows by 36 columns. I had the card combination notes in the intersecting cells. I think when I printed it, it came to twelve x A4 size sheets. I sticky-taped them together, put them back to back, and then laminated the master sheet. it was like a ready reckoner. Really helped.
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