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Originally Posted by purple_scorp View Post
That sounds like a cool, marketing idea for you Barleywine. (A cloth would roll/fold easier though.) Why don't you just use Orphalese and take a laptop with you instead? How about a magnetic board? I saw another guy on YouTube doing that. I think it was good for him, because he could put the board upright for filming. He may have even used a whiteboard.

Your reading chart, kind of reminds me of what I did, many years ago, when I first learnt to read with Le Normand, I created a giant spreadsheet with 36 rows by 36 columns. I had the card combination notes in the intersecting cells. I think when I printed it, it came to twelve x A4 size sheets. I sticky-taped them together, put them back to back, and then laminated the master sheet. it was like a ready reckoner. Really helped.
A magnetic board is a good idea, and Home Depot sells little flat magnets that would hold the cards in place. A 3' x 3' board would fit all of the Lenormand Oracle cards and still be easy enough to stick somewhere out-of-the-way. I also have Ciro's pdf showing the GT 8x8x4 house layout (not the spread cloth since it wouldn't work as well for my purpose) and could just print it and keep it on the side as a reference. I have Orphalese 10 but haven't registered it yet to allow me to put in my own decks. Does it support Lenormand?
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