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Originally Posted by Barleywine View Post
A magnetic board is a good idea, and Home Depot sells little flat magnets that would hold the cards in place. A 3' x 3' board would fit all of the Lenormand Oracle cards and still be easy enough to stick somewhere out-of-the-way. I also have Ciro's pdf showing the GT 8x8x4 house layout (not the spread cloth since it wouldn't work as well for my purpose) and could just print it and keep it on the side as a reference. I have Orphalese 10 but haven't registered it yet to allow me to put in my own decks. Does it support Lenormand?
Ciro's Kipper PDF, or Ciro's Reverie PDF?

With the magnetic board and Kipper, at least you could put one magnet in the corner of four cards without it impinging on the artwork (as each of the corners are black). This would be handy too, because you can stand the board upright instead of laying it flat. Might give the eye a chance to see new things as you are viewing cards from a different angle.

Orphalese supports any image you can scan into a jpg, bmp, or png. So, yes, it supports Le Normand. Actually, I've created a YouTube video on how to take a card from a 9-card spread and use it as the centre card in a 36-card spread (and I've used Titania's Fortune Cards which are based on Le Normand style).

Just as a side note: I was going to scan my home-made Runes for use in Orphalese. They are made from a tree branch. You can use the rounded corners or transparency to shape the images into circles. Bugs have all been ironed out and in fact, Richard has published an updated version with some new features. There are at least three Kipper decks in the Deck Exchange. You should definitely register because that way, you could use download the other Kipper decks then use the Compare Cards tool to view the same card from each deck on the one page.
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