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How I came to be involved with Kipper is explained more fully in the companion book. But essentially it was at the request of the publisher of the original Kipper deck. We arranged to meet in Berlin where I was going to be exhibiting some work. We had a long meeting, we discussed cartomancy publishing in general, our views of where it was all going in the future etc etc. He then explained that Kipper was pretty much dying (or rather the sales were) and asked if i would be interested in producing a more contemporary version of it. At first I wasn't... To be honest, as a relatively unknown niche market, Kipper represented a risk, a low percentage of potential income considering the work that producing a deck would represent, but more importantly i really didn't like the images... .but after some time and consideration I thought yes, the Kipper narrative could be retold and i was intrigued by the challenge.
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