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Originally Posted by CharlotteK View Post
I DID learn on a Rider Waite, because that's what I assumed was best, but I've since spoken to people who started with Thoth, and I read an article recently strongly advocating beginners start with Tarot de Marseille! I am finding moving to Thoth and TdM quite difficult having burned the RWS meanings into my brain and I have questioned if I would have fared better starting with something else and acquiring RWS learning later. But I don't know if that's answerable. I agree with others who say start with the deck you feel most drawn to.
I can relate to that. It's a bit tricky at first when reading non-illustrated pips to 'forget' about the Rider Waite pictures; for instance, to see the three of swords and instantly just think about the RW three of swords, with its rather blatant imagery! But you get used to it in time.

I think for a newbie, as everyone's basically said, just go for what appeals to you, but to be aware that the 'RWS language' is considered 'the default setting' for many people. Also this means that many of the modern instructional books about Tarot are based on the RW, so that's something to bear in mind, you may have to search around for books that specialise in other systems, but they are out there.
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