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I began with Marseille, but after a few years was gifted the RWS clone, Aquarian, which I found to be a relief and a release after the Marseille (which was very instructive, but I personally do not like). It (Aquarian) was also pretty to my eyes; like Rodney, I found the original RWS - fugly. Muddy. And never liked Thoth decks.

Now, I own over 45 RWS based decks (for the most part) and I like the rich variety of them. Many take very fresh looks at the system. The illustrations vary greatly from deck to deck, so it has been an education just to have such variety.

I do think though that it was a really valuable asset to learn from the opaque Marseilles, and the early RWS clones. To bend the rules, you must first learn them my base served me well, and I can read so capably now, regardless of deck or method used.

I do agree though that yes, while you should have an understanding of the 3 basic and different systems out there, to some degree, you should still allow yourself to gravitate to those decks you connect most strongly with. After all, not everyone speaks the same language. If you find a deck that speaks *your* language, it's a keeper!
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