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So it was the exact way I knew it to be. My amazing!!!!!!! I knew a Lovely (not love) in astral and he is helping me with issues. But I guess I am just of curiosity, or I just wanted to gain experience, I went to church and even asked for prayers. However, stepping "two foot on two boats" (sitting on fences) is surely not a good choice. And of course, my guardians were super mad of me of going there.. I have my limits on my believe though, because I will never agree every word on the Bible anyways and I am not going to change that.

Since this reading came to me -this- head on, now I really wonder whether going to church is a right thing to do. I always expected things to go smooth when i poke in, initially, but the church meeting, after it, turned to not only a time to make prayer, but they did (not bad tho) much more than that (simply said, it is called "8baptism in fire"). My new guardian surely doesnt look very happy. And me..... as somebody who was already anti-christian yet believe in God. (Edit: the religion believe itself but not on individuals)

I had a enomously frightening awakening on Saturday. It took me days to even get used to it. I discovered something so shocking that I could not believe it.

Next person. Two cups

Oh I see. Can it be a bit less of a New Year thing? Meeting families from all over the place is a very good thing to do, and you are exciting to hear that someone will travel so far just to visit you.
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