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Originally Posted by HappyTree View Post
Wow thank you! I was doubting myself recently (both career and motherhood) as people around me keep minimizing my concern/effort... it does chisel away at my confidence! Glad to know I need to only do what I know is right!

Hanged Man
TPBM needs to hang on for a while, and let things take its course, you'll soon have an entirely different perspective.
Thank you very much. Is something I needed to hear.

TPBM got The Moon (Lost Tarot of Nostradsmus)

The moon represent fluidy and thoughts. The flowy and sometimes the fluctuation that happens. It is both unpleasant and prone to fall to the darkness. Stiill, yet dissolving, destructive, eating the mind.

It is understandable that the darkness yields a broken heart, and while in the envelop of this darkness, one can always observe the contradictory of the dark and light, and get out of it. It looks like this is (somehow only) "the only way".
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