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ciro kipper, 29 imprisonment

part one, this card I thought about for a day, and need to take break , but I figure I would post what I have now,, and get back to it after my shows.

29 imprisonment
This card is called prison in the normal kipper card. One image on google(mystical kipper) showed a building surrounded by moats with alligators in it, and another(salish) shows a guard outside.
Before looking at the ciro kipper image,, one should remember that prison in 1890s was different then 2017 today. There was way more mistreatment of prisioners, they worked as manual labour, they were barely fed. It wasn’t about just being held somewhere,, it was about repaying your debt to society, not about rehabilitation. Jailers were often hard cruel man I imagine like the jailer of mounte cristo who whipped the players for fun. So imagine all the cruel tortures of the day, whipping, starving, drowning, beatings, perhaps no dentistry, and hard to imagine the women of that day with male jailors.

So in this image it looks as if this is the hole of the typical jail today with no sunlight, possibly really small cell, But in reality this was his actual cell. So the question is what is the mouse doing here,, is he, the prisoners friend ? or is the prisoner trying to get him so he can eat him as the prisoner is starving.
So the reason why that is important is in the old days this wasn’t’ about a frame of mind, or being stuck in a relationship, business but actual suffering/torture. It could even mean I would think that a person has done a bad thing and deserve to be in the prison. It is hard to know unless one has access to old kipper descriptions.

From cm himself, besides the literial meaning of this card, it could also mean being stuck emotionally in a relationship, or in a contractual contract. Which reminds me of a favourite quote from 2 weeks notice that a contract was ironclad, that “Houdini couldn’t escape it “

In this day and age,, it is hard that if this card shows up in a person pass to assume they went to prison especially where we say death doesn’t mean death it means change (so that means something had to die for the change though ) then we say this doesn’t really mean prison but it means in some sense you are in a prison. So to me though this is imprisonment, it would mean untold suffering perhaps unjustly as not everyone in prison belongs there. From counte of mounte cristo to Shawshank redemption we can see some go to jail for being framed. There was even a show on that called conviction that was cancelled that wasn’t so much framed but the investigation didn’t’ go deep enough.

So if we have business and we see this card upright that could meant that you are stuck there for a long time. In a relationship you are asking if your marriage will go well and it could mean that you fear that it will be like a prison for you (despite the obivious prediction you could go jail, or he may )

It could mean two things,, you can break out of your prison funk (so the opposite of prison), and if you act quickly you can avoid going to prison, or being in a prison. The other possibility is that the person doesn’t want to admit(face) that they are in a prison type situation,, that is hard to do especially for an independent person who is strong willed. So you may have to use kids gloves to relay the message and ask them to think about it.

I decided to start off with the modified celtic cross to use with the kipper, with the 29 imprisonment in there in a random position in a upright position. That is to get people to using the cards in a position type fashion like in the last spread in the guidebook. That being side, when I read the kipper(lenny too) in this celtic fashion I combine the 3 positions at a time
Theory question “how is my career going to go “

1. Heart of the matter 23 court house , 2. Above imprisonment, 3 distant past concern

I would ask if they have considered a career in law for the court house card here shows that he is good debater and would do well in that field. The above for me confirms it as it shows that he wants to put those who deserve it away,, and the reason is in the past that to me he been concerned with something for a long time that would drive him to become a lawyer.

Here I decided to put down a new card over the heart of the matter to read it to right

4. recent past 22, official person reversed, 5. New heart of the matter 14 message of concerned reversed, 6 probable future 12 priviledged lady

To me it shows the client was considering a career in the military, or police but a new message of concerned stopped him , he didn’t’ like it but if he wants to end up with woman of his dreams he decided to follow her message of concern.

7, self 15 lovers reversed, 8.27 unexpected income 9 poverty

It would seem that person is worried that should he pursue a career in the art of the law ,, he wouldn’t be there 100 percent in a relationship. It could be that he worries he will grow cold to her. The unexpected income shows that he will get a show of support from his friend and family. Yet his worst fears is that he will be a poor lawyer and may not even finish his career

Quick diagonals (in theory since I put a new card over the heart of the matter, you could put a new card over the probable future for each diagnol)
2 -6- 7 imprisonment, priviledged lady, lovers reversed

A quick connection shows he is actually worried about being in this relationship to this priviledged lady will be more of a psychic prison,, it could be that he doesn’t think he is worthy of her, and thinks he has to work really hard to get her respect.

3 6 9 , concerned reversed, privileged lady, 37 poverty

This shows because of his past,, he is actually concerned about a future with the lady, the proverty shows a subsoncious fear is if they lose all their money, she will not stay the course , (or perhaps he won’t for he may not want to bring her down) .

the horizonatal
official person reversed, 14 message of concerned reversed, court house , (I decided to read the two card together for this to try it) privileged lady, unexpected income
this shows that she will love him no matter of his position long as he follows his heart, and pays attention to her hearts fears. They are destined to have unexpected income show up now and then to help them.

The outcome

5. mature man reversed, 35 pathway, 2 main female

The cards are warning him from becoming an old miserable old bugger , for him to remember the pathways before him will take a long time to get a good career. But it shows there will be a woman who will marry him and stand by him. And him her.

0. soul message

26 great fortune reversed, 6 mature woman reversed, 31 bad health

to me it looks as if he is concerned about the health of his mother figure but she is being too proud to pay much attention to his concerns..
it is because she is worried about finances and he is telling her that they will come.
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