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"Crosstown Traffic" Major Arcana Study Plan

This sub-forum has been kind of dormant lately, so I thought I would add something.

I had a 25-card "diamond" layout on my hands that I couldn't figure out what to do with. I started tinkering by adding numbers in various patterns and finally realized that I could fit 21 of the Major Arcana and the four Aces into the model, and then add the Fool as a kind of "free agent" along the lines that Cherry Gilchrist discusses in her book, Tarot Triumphs. What I came up with is a B.O.T.A color-coded tool for studying the Major Arcana in various groups and sets. It resembles an abstract expressionist painting I once saw in an NYC museum that had something to do with a traffic jam, but I can't remember what it is, so I named this after the Jimi Hendrix song. It does remind me of the attached Paul Klee painting and the photo of the Chinese traffic jam.

I have no idea what this might lead to beyond looking at the card combinations in novel ways, but I like the look of its numerical structure. Instead of a Magic Square, it looks like a "Magic Diamond" or maybe a "Mystic Spiral."
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