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Originally Posted by IndigoViolet View Post
Well. Not sure but I will pass this.

TPBM got Lovers

The situation is complicated. You and your lover (or someone so dear to you) is not alike but both of you somehow decided to just move on with each other's difference and pass any kind of difference no matter what others say about you. Well that is very good quality you and you love can ever exhibit.
For me, it is someone dear to me. A friend I've been growing closer too. We have as many differences as we do similarities, but we enjoy each other's company regardless. I will continue embarking on this friendship. Thanks.

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You may be overthinking it. The issue on your mind right now deserves to be considered and remapped, but things are not as dark and gloomy as you've been convincing yourself that they are. Lighten up and take care of yourself
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