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Thanks JylliM for saying that And thanks to all for your comments.

Snowed in today and spent a good portion of the day adjusting and correcting hieroglyphs. It is tricky since they are written phonetically rather than letter by letter. I found a few mistakes and fixed them, still going over it with a fine tooth comb.

I spent some hours writing a mini guidebook on just the hieroglyphs and how they were used on the cards. 7 pages illustrated and with charts, so it will all be very clear.

I've attached a few court cards. For those rather than writing out "Queen of Wands, Queen of Cups" etc I've used glyphs that indicate rank combined with the glyph that indicates element. Here are the Wands court, using a glyph for Fire followed by a rank glyph. A King glyph for the Knight, a Queen glyph for the Queen, a Son glyph for the Prince, and a Daughter glyph for the Princess. So they basically say "Fire King" (Knight) "Fire Queen" "Fire Prince" and "Fire Princess".

I am glad you like them so far! I know I can't please everyone as many people like the black borders and will probably wish I reissue those too. I would if I could do both but if I can only do one I want to do this version because it is different.

A little hard to see in these small jpgs so I included a picture of the Knight(King) glyph itself too.
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