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The bird

Yesterday, I pulled this card in a spread, and part of my ritual is to keep the spread near me the following day—I have a small wooden frame that I can rest the cards in—I don't just leave them lying about. Doing this allows me look at them and contemplate their meaning, which I think is a necessary step for me since I am still learning. Anyway, staring at the Death card, I was wondering about some of the comments in this thread about the bird possibly being the same bird as the Fool, but I am not sure...

...aaaand when I am not sure, I Google, and I spent a few hours researching bird beak shapes in an effort to find out what this one actually is knowing that Kim Krans makes deliberate decisions. I wanted to see what kind of symbolism I could draw from specific bird type, ultimately to enrich my reading.

It's an unusual beak shape; it's bottom heavy, has small or non-visible "nostrils", it's a little stubby...and the feet are not present, so that can't help with identification...and I find myself still at this impasse.

I looked at all sorts; crows, chickens, finches, and even looked at prehistoric birds, extinct species AND mythological ones like Phoenixes, but those are usually depicted with more of a raptor-type beak. Pigeons come close, but what I really need is an ornithologist!

The closest I have come to an answer is that it's a white pelican chick. Chick because the beak is stubby, white because some have black bills and white adults have yellow bills, and pelican because it is the closest to the beak shape I could find, though it would stand to reason that the skin part of the bill is present, and why not, considering that we also have an eye ball and not a socket.

Pelicans have HUGE symbolism—and might help?

1) Does this bird seem to be smiling?
2) Is it significant that in my "first impression" notes about this card I thought the feathers were pine tree branches? (Pine is linked to crows and jackdaws in the ogham if I'm not mistaking.)
3) Am I reading too deep into this card?!?

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